About Us

Kod-A was founded in 2006 with the mission of developing document-based technologies and providing solutions for the global market. Kod-A has grown rapidly since its inception and soon became the market leader in Document Archiving. Digital Archive City building, which is a unique concept in Turkey founded in 2012 in Izmir, Kod-A has determined the destination together with this investment as being the largest in Europe.

It is possible to deal with the activities of Kod-A under three main headings:

Technology Development: Kod-A develops software-based technology and products for document scanning, image processing, document archiving and document management. In addition, in turn-key projects undertaken, in accordance with the needs and demands of the customer offers them special solutions.

Services: Kod-A mainly provides Service Bureau services. Service Bureau service is the job of scanning the company and institution documents, books, correspondence, hardcover documents and all similar documents and entering them to the computer environment. This process consists of six stages: document separation, scanning, image enhancement, indexing, quality control and transfer.

Distribution: Kod-A is the only Turkey technology distributor of ABBYY which is world-renowned company in document scanning, image enhancement, form processing (automatic data entry from forms), OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition and free form processing (invoice processing). ABBYY FineReader is used by almost all companies operating in these fields in our country. With this distributorship, Kod-A continues to gather sector companies under an umbrella.

Our Corporate Values




Social responsibility

Being open to innovations

Respect for the environment


Our Vision

Kod-A, which has grown rapidly to market leadership in Turkiye since its inception, continues its activities with the goal of being the largest in Europe.