GreenDocs DMS Document Management System

GreenDocs DMS is a suite of software products that enables enterprises to manage their paper and electronic documents, efficiently and effectively. It allows users to save, access, use, edit and share business documents easily, according to their security rights.

The Architecture of GreenDocs DMS

Open System : The open system nature of GreenDocs DMS provides easy integration, and enables future proof solutions.

Scalability: GreenDocs DMS is a high-end document management system that can scale endlessly, which allows corporates to start small with pilot/departmental project and scale to the whole enterprise. This also helps to preserve the initial investments on departmental projects when going enterprise wide.

Web-based: Fully web-based architecture helps no client installation. This decreases administration and maintenance costs, and enables users to connect to the system from anywhere on the world.

WAN: “Load balancing”, “remote cache server” capabilities make GreenDocs DMS a perfect choice for document management over WAN.

Easy Search & Full Text Search: The power of GreenDocs DMS resides in easy search functionality. Search criteria can be decided by the corporate and applied by the GreenDocs DMS admin. Then the users can search the documents with these criteria or do full-text searching. Full text searching can be applied to even TIFF documents. The search words in the document are highlighted.

Security: Easy search and access do not mean that anyone can access any document. GreenDocs DMS admin module has an easy to use security functionality for this. User rights can be based on operating system level (Windows etc.) and OLAP integration is possible, which allows users to make single login everyday, and enables to manage an enterprise level security effectively.

Audit trail: Thanks to GreenDocs DMS history logs, users can see the history of each GreenDocs DMS document with one click.

Flexibility: It is easy to develop tailor made solutions with GreenDocs DMS Admin Modules and API. Each enterprise GreenDocs DMS client has a unique user interface.

Wide range of document support: GreenDocs DMS supports all the popular document types such as, Word, Excel, TIFF, JPG, e-mail, etc...

Strong Imaging: GreenDocs Capture Module is a comprehensive Imaging System which strengthens the paper side of GreenDocs DMS. With GreenDocs Capture, users can directly scan paper into GreenDocs DMS. GreenDocs Capture allows users to capture, view, edit, and annotate all types of paper documents. Features include PDF rendering, OCR, etc.

Annotation: GreenDocs DMS can apply 9 levels of security to annotations just as applied to documents. One can give read, edit, delete rights to the others for his/her own annotations.

Integration: GreenDocs DMS can be integrated with e-mail groupware tools, ERP systems, and database applications.

Hierarchichal Storage Management (HSM): In most of the enterprise GreenDocs DMS projects, document repositories reach terabytes of volume, which require high-end storage management, covering complex life cycles on on-line, near-line and off-line storage.

Other: Features such as version  control, check-in/check-out, make document  management  easier.