KodA Attracts big interest, with its unique software and products

in BT Vizyon symposium

On 17th of December, 2008 in Ankara Sheraton Hotel, BT Vizyon made an event with sharing of innovation, experiences and information about Information Technologies. KodA, being a solution provider company, has expertise and know-how on wide range of related products. KodA took place in BT Vizyon’s event with stand and presentation. KodA who is wide open sector leader in Document based systems, was the only firm that had a stand and a presentation about Document Management Outsourcing Operations and specialized subject of Document Management System.



There was a big number of participation and high interest to presentation of Ersin Taskin, KodA’s CEO, who got international awards from its successful operations. Ersin Taskin in his presentation mentioned about Document Management System which is “sine qua non” (a must have subject) for all institutes and foundations in the nowadays technology.



By successful operations, different technologies, and creation of unique products, KodA successfully contributes to this awareness.