Records Management

Documents and information form a great component of enterprise assets. Yet, the exponential growth of information makes it more and more difficult to manage information for many corporates. Outsourcing the management of records and information is a key solution to the problem.


Kod-A records management services have proven to;

  • ensure regulatory compliance,
  • minimize litigation risks,
  • reduce costs (storage facility costs, manual handling costs, etc.),
  • save up valuable space,
  • improves productivity and efficiency through faster access to records,
  • eliminate damages due to lost documents,
  • preserve corporate memory


Kod-A builds and runs smart archive cities in Turkey as a unique concept to tackle mass records storage, management and digitisation tasks. The SAC premises meet the global records management standards. The first Kod-A SAC was built in 2010 in Erzincan. The second built in Izmir in 2012 aims to be the biggest in Europe.

Kod-A records storage and management involves following steps:

  1. Kod-A experts analyze the information, records and archival structure of the enterprise and design the records management system and workflow
  2. Kod-A takes delivery of the documents according to the solution design in the first step
  3. Documents are boxed and placed in the Kod-A SAC via a fully barcoded system developed by Kod-A.
  4. Documents are retrieved and delivered efficiently on demand.
  5. Documents are scanned and delivered on demand.
  6. Document shredding is applied according to retention plans.
  7. Entire records management services can be provided over the cloud.